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We have a range of rotary spreaders available for different applications and manure capacities.

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Elite Ground Products are now offering our unique rotary manure spreader on a rental basis. Benefit from using our spreader without the initial investment cost. See how our spreader performs!

Spreader Rentals

Elite Rotary Manure Spreader

Simple Spreader

The spreader is land driven and has no complicated arrangements of chains, sprockets and gearboxes.

How the Spreader Works »

Spreader Attachment

A single easy hook-up attachment to the towing vehicle. No need for PTOs and hydraulic or electrical couplings.

Towing the Spreader »

Pulling Spreader

The towing vehicle can be anything from a ride on garden lawn mower for the lighter spreader models up to a small agricultural tractor
for the larger spreaders.

Find out more about our spreaders by navigating through our site. If
you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How Does it Work?

Spreader Testimonials

Just a few words to let you know that the spreader is working well. Thanks for a durable, well thought out, quality spreader that looks like it will go working forever .

Unique Spreader Design

  • Allows almost everyday spreading throughout the seasons minimising damage to paddocks and fields.
  • Enables simple easy manoeuvrability around the yard for direct loading from stables or pens.
  • Eliminates the requirement to stockpile manure around the yard. Load manure & take the flies with you!
  • Shredded manure is evenly discharged. No more large clumps scattered around taking time to break down.
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