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Spreader Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Do we need to empty the spreader every day?

A : Certainly not! The spreader is designed to also act as a mobile store which can be parked inside or outside.

Q : How fast can the spreader travel?

A : The maximum speed of the spreader should not exceed 5 miles per hour. Damage may be caused to the spreader if towed any faster, even when travelling to and from the spreading site. Below 5 miles per hour, the contents of the barrel are raised and tumbled, breaking down as they drop onto the abrasive diamond edges of the barrel skin.

Q : Is the spreader as simple to use as it looks?

A : The only answer is yes, what you see is what you get! This spreader does exactly what it says on the label, it has no requirement for PTOs or complicated drive mechanisms. Hook up and go!

Q : How long will it take to fill my spreader?

A : This obviously depends on how many horses you have. Let us consider the basic facts. An average sized horse will produce in the region of 20 kg’s of manure per day. The spreader model ES090 is rated at 430kgs, and you have 4 horses. 4 horses multiplied by 20kgs equals 80kgs of manure per day. The spreader capacity is 430kgs, which when divided by the daily volume equates to just over 5 days. Volume also has a part to play in the calculation, but the above basic facts have been found to be a good guide.

Q : How long will I need to leave the field empty after spreading?

A : The average time we would recommend is 10 to 14 days, to allow the manure to adequately breakdown and dissipate into the ground. Weather conditions can play their part in the time for the manure to breakdown, but the above is a good rule of thumb guide. See the eco benefits page for photos and further details.

Q : Can the contents of the barrel escape before spreading occurs?

A : The answer has to be yes, nothing is 100% safe, but in practice fallout tends to be only a very small volume of tiny particles. Usually any fallout occurs during initial loading, the majority of any fallout is usually only small particles of shavings or other bedding material.

Q : Are there any restrictions to what the spreader can be used for?

A : The spreader has been primarily designed to efficiently spread manure and bedding materials including shavings, sawdust and other bedding materials including hemcore. The spreader is not designed for spreading straw.

Q : Are there any restrictions to when the spreader can be used?

A : Weather conditions have no detrimental effect on the performance of the spreader, in dry or wet conditions the spreader works equally well.

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