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Eco Benefits

The Elite spreader is very Eco Friendly.

Its very simple operating method, linked to its efficient action of breaking down manure whilst spreading makes it a world leader of spreaders.

Manure and all other contents of the spreader are released only as small particles during spreading, the spread material being small then dries out quickly further breaking down whilst being incorporated back into the soil.

This method of spreading quickly and efficiently returns valuable nutrients, enzymes and microbial organisms to the soil within days of spreading.

Using the Elite Rotary Spreader allows grazing to commence almost immediately following spreading

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Elite Spreader Conventional Spreader
An area of field immediately following rotary spreader application, compared to an area of field following conventional spreader application.
Rotary Spreader Conventional Spreader

An area of field 7 days and 14 days after spreading with the Elite Rotary Spreader.