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Customer Testimonials

I've used my Rotary Spreader for an extended time in all types of weather and different ground conditions. I Love it and it works GREAT! It saves me enormous time and aggravation with 8 horses. I sing the praises of the Rotary Spreader to anyone who will listen.
I kept watching it half-expecting something not to work, but I must admit it works just as advertised. We use the Rotary about twice a week and it is amazing. Sure beats hauling the manure bins like we were doing. I really appreciate the quality of the wheels and bearings that you use, it rolls effortlessly! Thanks for a great product!
As I uncrated it I came up with every reason and possibility why it would not work. Well, I was wrong! It's really great! I have neighbors coming over to watch the Rotary do it's thing!
Spreaded Manure
Just a few brief words to let you know that the spreader after a couple of trial sessions, is working well. I even tried mixing into the load from below the surface of the pile, some of the oldest wettest sticky goo consistency muck, without allowing it to dry off first. I half expected it to clog up in the mesh. I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn't cause any serious problem. It would seem that toward the end of a spreading run, any residual soft muck tends to clump into balls which gets broken up by the paddle.

Thanks for a durable well thought out quality product that looks like it will go working forever .
We've been using the Rotary extensively on the athletic fields and it is working just as advertised. Sure wish I'd had it many years back. The fields are beginning to look like fields instead of back lots! Just wanted to let you know it works great, and we really appreciate it.
It really is as simple as it sounds, and built like a tank! Sure beats the old dump cart, or wheel barrow method! This thing stays out in the weather and still looks new. The Rotary doesn't hold water so it doesn't get heavier if it sits in the rain, unlike the wheel barrow and dump cart.
We have three acres and two horses in the central valley of California. When we decided to purchase a manure spreader we researched various types and determined for our purposes the Rotary Spreader would be the most efficient. We purchased our Rotary Spreader in early 2006 and have used it twice a week since it arrived. To be frank I wouldn't want any other type of spreader because it does such a great job of dispersing the manure and there is no need to worry about belts, gears, motor, etc. breaking.

Without question I would recommend the Rotary Spreader to anyone in our type situation above any other type of spreader. Also, I would like to say that it is a pleasure in this day and time to find a company that takes pride in their product and stands behind it.
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