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Design Simplicity

Fundamentally the spreader comprises two parts, the barrel and the chassis minimising the complexity and the number of parts has enabled us to produce a rugged reliable efficient spreader.

The Spreader Barrel

The Spreader Chassis

The barrel is constructed solely from Stainless Steel materials.

  • The end plates of the barrel are formed from a pair of 3mm thick plates, with a formed edge to offer additional strength to the overall construction.
  • The outer skin of the barrel is constructed from a sheet of expanded metal rolled to create a strong outer wrap which when welded between the pair of end plates forms a rigid barrel structure.
  • The barrel fabrication is carried on a through shaft and a pair of heavy duty bearings.
  • The shaft is then fixed at both ends.
  • Fitted into the outer skin of the barrel is an access panel, the panel has a steel frame and an Expanded Metal infill sheet.
  • The access panel is supported by a heavy duty hinge at one end and a pair of rugged shoot bolts at the other.
  • Gas struts are fitted to the panel and barrel framework to assist in opening and closing the access panel.

The Spreader Chassis

The Spreader Chassis

The chassis is fabricated from a range of standard mild steel sections, which when completed now have a robust galvanised weatherproof finish. The front drive wheel supports and mechanisms along with the rear wheels have an alert orange powder coated finish applied.

  • The chassis fabrication is carried by a set of wheel assemblies, which are fitted with integral bearings.
  • The wheels are designed and rated to adequately carry the fully loaded spreader, and to rotate the barrel when the barrel drive is engaged.
  • The main barrel drive wheels are supported on a through shaft fitted direct to the chassis structure.
  • A pair of swivel wheels at the rear of the spreader attach direct to the main chassis structure, and offer easy manoeuvrability when the spreader is disconnected from the towing medium.
  • Mounted directly in front of the two drive wheels is the towing yoke. The yoke is designed to pivot and fold away when not in use.
  • The towing yoke is fitted with a ball hitch as standard.
  • The ball hitch mounting is fitted with an integral swivel if the spreader and towing vehicle are operating on un-even ground.
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